Hey There!   So you’ve decided you want to build Gunpla, but you have no idea what to do, what all those words and numbers mean, what tools you need, or where to buy them. Well that’s what this guide is for! Give everything a thorough read, it’s quite a bit of information but […]

If you clicked the About link in the upper corner, you know my name, not that I care. My real name is TJ Wooten, born and raised in South Carolina. Don’t let that fool you, I’m no redneck (though I do have a country accent, much to my horror). I’ve been a fan of Gundam […]

This was a simple idea, build and paint a kit for aquatic use, exploration use, or both. Thought there was only one entry that doesn’t deter me in the least, but I’ll post it anyway. UMF-4A Goohn by Anonymous Modeler.

This was a straightforward group build idea, but unfortunately we only had one entry. As usual, if anyone else sends me one I’ll add it.

Oddball Color Schemes So the oddball color schemes won in the poll, so we’re gonna run with that. What counts as an oddball color scheme? Stuff like vapor wave, the 90s cup, leopard print, Louis Vitton, or generally anything that’s odd. There was only one entry this time, but no worries. Ended up with a […]

This was a pretty straightforward group build this time. Pick a 2.0 MG, and paint it! While we only got four entries, I’m still glad to see them. As always the title is a link to an Imgur album.   Late Entry(ies) Zaku II by Josh Not a bad kit, color scheme is interesting and […]

Hello and welcome to the Frame Arms Group Build. Overall the idea here was very simple, customize a Frame Arms or Frame Arms Girl kit, paint it, and submit it. Just like the last prize build, these are in order of least favorite to most favorite. A few of the pictures are linked to imgur […]

The goal this time was to build anything that isn’t from a Gundam series. These are the entries DW S Anon

Another two person turnout. Not that it’ll ever deter me from doing this. Shocker – SD Date Masamune Gundam USB Desk anon – D-Style Scopedog Jaffman – SD Kshatriya

This was a nice group build overall, for the most part the entries are of a very high quality, and the top three are exceptional. Rules: Pick an HG GM, and paint and customize it. For it to count as a GM, it literally just has to have GM in the name of the MS […]

Sadly we only had two entries this time, but here they are! Patrick TJ

While there was only one participant, I’ll still upload it and then add any others I receive. Crab